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kernel26-ice isnt working suddenly


I have some interesting problems with the new kernel26-ice (2.6.36-3), only thing I enabled is the ck-patch set. It compiles fine, installs fine and even boot fine. But after the boot process (after all daemons are started and the login prompt is shown), there is nearly no reaction from the system. GDM doesnt start most of the time (if I am lucky, it starts 5-10 minutes after boot) and login isnt possible. I can enter my name, but I never get a password prompt. The default kernel 2.6.36 doesnt have this problems (and also the old kernel26-ice with version 2.6.36-1, but I dont have the package anymore to reinstall)

I have a Thinkpad R500. If there are any logfile I can provide, please tell me. I am going to try the kernel now without ck but only bfs.

PS: I hope this is the right place to post this problem, because nobody else seems to have problems with the kernel (at least no one is complaining in AUR)


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