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Arch Linux on SmartQ (V5II) -looking to start project-

Upfront I will note that I am not skilled enough to accomplish this alone at my current level.  I will learn what I can in order to achieve this task, so any and all links to tutorials and ideas on how to get this working will be taken and put through heavy consideration.  Primary concern will be getting a working "livecd" cloned image (basically, all the most standard core packages to get a working Arch Linux with USB Keyboard and mouse support, then build from there till I get X and all the nice features of the V5(II) working, and branch out from there  Will probably look into repartitioning the NAND so I can have a complete and full install (probably preserve Android for being boot from SD, which is fine since it's a complete dual-boot which requires rebooting to switch anyway)  As of now, I am referencing the development tutorial for SmartQ, tutorials for building firmware images from plugapps (nice Arch port to ARM devices) and whatever information I can gather from someone on the Arch Linux forums who has recently ported it to the newest ARM processor type (v7, if I'm not mistaken).  All links will be provided at the bottom of this post.

My guess is that I will have to approach this with a "Linux From Scratch" mindset of compiling the kernel, busybox and whatever else I need to get a working base install (which, from there, I can compile everything else natively on the actual device)to the point where I reach a working system with gui, basic tools, maybe a game or two, and whatever else would constitute being enough for "firmware" status.  I guess, my only question ahead of all that is how do I go about making the "base install" firmware to build up from?  Secondary question to that is, once I get a nice setup, how do I take that (all being on the actual V5II) and remaster THAT into a firmware that I can then post online for others to test?  I already have my homework cut out for me, so I'll be reading what i can to figure this out while anybody and everybody here throws me tutorial links and ideas on how I can accomplish this each step of the way...  We shall see where this train takes us.

SmartQ Linux Development Guild: … skpm&pli=1
PlugApps Development Portal: … evelopment
Arch Forum post for developer who ported Arch Linux to the v7 ARM processor:

can't think of anything else at this point, but I will categorize links the best I can to morph them into somewhat of a workflow process and group the help aids to each relevant step along the way.  Anyone interested in helping, feel free to join in on the fun..  Will be looking that the ArchMobile stuff and incorporating what I can into my project... maybe this will help revive the ArchMobile project as well...

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