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#1 2005-03-27 07:30:30

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switch to Nvidia card?????

:? I've just finished installing Arch on my desktop. The ati radeon card seems to be causing problems with KDE. I checked out the how-to's and the section on ATI and Kernel 26 looked like a real pain in the but.
I can set up a link in pacman.conf and use pacman -Sy ati-drivers to get them, but then what do you do with them?
I installed Arch on a T-23 and it worked well. It looks like crap on my desktop, and the desktop is a much better system.
For all practical purposes it might be easier to switch cards. Will xorg be able to recognize Nvidia easier than ATI?
Again, I'm very pleased with Arch, but maybe I should find a easier system to install? -- Thanks -- Larry


#2 2005-03-27 12:17:18

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Re: switch to Nvidia card?????

I've never used an ATi and I've read ATi's driver support for Linux is way behind nVidia's (half the performance of the same ATi card in Linux compared to Windows).

Setting up the nVidia is as simple as running "pacman -S nvidia" and editing your xorg.conf to use the nvidia module. I presume the same goes for ATi, but pacmanning the module and actually installing it might have some pitfalls.

If you already have an nVidia lying around, I'd simply swap it with the ATi and do the steps I mentioned above. If you have to buy an nVidia first, you better stop by #archlinux on since there actually are people running an ArchLinux box with an ATi! wink

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