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#1 2005-03-29 16:43:33

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difficulties closing lid of laptop (apm/acpi??)

I have arch .7 installed on a dell inspiron 4100 with kernel 2.6.11 (I compiled myself) and kde.
When I re-open the lid after leaving it down for a few minutes (long enough to shut off monitor) I cannot regain control of my kde session or use laptop unless I switch virtual consoles, ctrl+alt+f4, and then back using ctrl+alt+f7.

I can not get any precise answers when I google it but I know I wasn't having the same issues on a redhat install a while back with kernel 2.4 although it's prob apm acpi prob/function.

this may be a stupid question but if someone can point me to a wifi,
howto or a down and dirty fix I would appreciate the help.
thanks for your time


#2 2005-03-29 17:00:12

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Re: difficulties closing lid of laptop (apm/acpi??)

hmmm I just disable dpms screen blanking and use xset, myself


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