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#1 2011-01-27 15:53:16

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Aspire One D255 monitor shuts off during boot

Every time I boot, immediately after the kernel lauches init, my screen powers off.  About 15 seconds later, it comes back on.

The delay before coming back on seems to be independent of the init process.  If I speed init up, by the time it comes back on it's waiting at the login prompt.  If I slow it down, it comes back on while init is still running.

I tried adding an echo -e -n '\033[13]' to my init scripts in an effort to unblank the display, but it doesn't help.

This happens both booting of the install image and after installation. It makes it extremely hard to figure out what's going on during startup.

Has anyone seen this before?


#2 2011-09-28 05:39:36

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Re: Aspire One D255 monitor shuts off during boot

Did you or someone else found a solution to this issue ?
I have exactly the same problem, with the same Aspire One model.


#3 2011-09-29 02:42:28

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Re: Aspire One D255 monitor shuts off during boot

Same Netbook here.
In my case it blacks out just after udev loading and it brings back the screen display when loading X.
I do not mind about it very much, but it is good to keep track of the init process.

Maybe adding the i915 module to the initramfs will do.
I'll post the result later.


#4 2011-09-30 12:06:00

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Re: Aspire One D255 monitor shuts off during boot

I have a similar issue with my aspire one, but the display is not turning off, it is actually the backlight turning off during boot. I use fbsplash with a dark theme but a bright progress bar. During boot, it appears as if the screen has turned off, but looking closely, I can still see the progress bar.

I have tried several different methods of keeping the backlight on to no avail.

Personally I am thinking it is monitor signal detection during a monitor mode reset during boot, ie from console resolution switching to KMS resolution. Most monitors lose signal detection when changing mode (in my experience). Some display a "No Signal" message of some sort, some briefly turn off until signal is detected again, and in the Aspire One case, the backlight turns off. Put it down to monitor manufacturers built in power saving "features".

Tha same thing happens when I boot windows.

Of course, if anyone does come up with a solution, I am eagerly listening!



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