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#1 2011-02-22 22:40:34

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Hard drive bad?

One day my computer froze while transferring a file from one partition to another.  When I rebooted I got a generic filesystem error, but I could still log in.  When I tried to back up my latest changes, my computer froze again.  This time it displayed the error in the link below.  I put FreeBSD on it for awhile and it worked well, but I decided to come back to Arch.  I reinstalled everything but the same thing happened a second time.

I tested the hdd with SMART a few times and it always said it was fine.  fsck also stated that everything was clean.  My question is this:  Based on the image, is the hard drive itself bad or something else? … 603876.png


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Re: Hard drive bad?

I'd say that it might be a loose/bad cable or a power supply going bad. But just in case backup all you can using any OS that will still work and then test the disk with the smart self test and badblocks.



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