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#1 2005-04-07 01:22:17

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new kernel - now ipw2200 does not work?

I just upgraded my kernel to and recompiled it so I could get the ATI drivers working properly which they now are. The only other non standard module I use is ipw2200 which once I upgraded obviously did not work. I tried doing:

pacman -S ipw2200

which seemed to work, but when I do a modprobe ipw2200 I get:

#modprobe ipw2200
FATAL: Module ipw2200 not found.

and "/lib/modules/" does not have the ipw2200 directory like the old kernel had (/lib/modules/

Any help on how to install the ipw2200 for the new kernel would be appreciated.


#2 2005-04-07 06:01:50

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Re: new kernel - now ipw2200 does not work?

Maybe you should rebuild it manually using ABS. I don't use ipw, so can't quite say :-)


#3 2005-04-07 09:58:00

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Re: new kernel - now ipw2200 does not work?

It's because the ipw2200 (and ipw2100) are downloaded as BINARIES for the ARCH stock kernel.

But you recompiled your kernel so the binary official module does not work with a kernel it has not been compiled for.

Here is how to fix this :

abs # to download the PKGBUILD tree automatically
cd /var/abs/extra/network/ipw2200 # or correct the path if I am wrong
makepkg -c # build automatically the ipw2200 package for YOUR kernel.
pacman -A ipw2200-whatever.pkg.tar.gz # this is the package created
# by makepkg. I suggest you save it somewhere so you wont have to recompile the driver

Makepkg creates a package for the version of the kernel that you compiled yourself. Therefore it wont work with the Arch stock kernel if you use it again.


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