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Kernel configuration and build

I'm trying to build a custom kernel to meet my needs.  I noticed after compiling and building the kernel my system was only seeing about 884 megs of RAM out of my 1.5 gigs of installed RAM.  Windows XP and kernel both see all of the 1.5 gigs of RAM so I'm assuming I didn't configure the kernel properly.  I set HighMem to be 4GB, recompiled and the system still didn't see the full amount.  I'm wondering if there's anything else that I need to make sure I have enabled in order for the kernel to support the full RAM.

To test, I used the .config file to build a new, modified it (while leaving HighMem as 4GB), booted the system and noticed the system was detecting the full amount of RAM.  So I'm thinking there's something else I missed.  Does anyone have any idea what my problem could be?  Thanks in advanced!

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