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#1 2005-04-12 04:47:10

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Commercially supported, open source video card drivers!?!

Hello all!  How goes everybody's world out there?  I have some great news that I just found out about.  A young company called XGI Technology Inc. ( ), based in asia, has a line of quite powerful video cards that can compete well with the GeForce 6600's and 6800's.  The cool thing though is that after reading the slightly broken English on XGI Technology's press releas site: … 1E723B87F}

it seems that they just released their driver code for linux as open source!  The only problem is that I can't seem to find a package download that has the FULL sources for their cards in their download section.  They offer 2 links to the XFree86 and bug reporting sites.  After querying's bug tracker it seems that most of the code, except for one or two components, have made it into  This is great news.  This means Linux has true, open source, well supported video card drivers for an excellent line of video cards.


#2 2005-04-12 14:00:49

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Re: Commercially supported, open source video card drivers!?!

Yepp, that is good news.

What would interest me, though:

Does anybody around here have any experience with XGI cards? I read in some news-channels that their cards are not so hot at the moment (and they claimed that was putting it politely  :shock: ).

So, what's the story? Are they any good? Will everybody be buying XGI cards soon?




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Re: Commercially supported, open source video card drivers!?!


I never tried their cards and it's ncie that they support linux. I once read (I think somewhere in the mailinglist, ... of the opengraphics project -> people who are trying to build an opensource graphics card) is that the 3d-part of xgi-cards is not opensource, but maybe it has changed now. It would ofcourse be also wise to check on their site or search for it.

Anyway, it would be interesting to see how xgi's card perform under linux and if they are stable.



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Re: Commercially supported, open source video card drivers!?!

Yes this is a very good thing indeed. I read about these cards a year or so ago. The benchmarks of their top card under windows was very disappointing to say the least. It has a lot of potential however, especially when running it under a Linux box is concerned.

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Re: Commercially supported, open source video card drivers!?!

The single chip offerings seem to be a good buy, but only for the casual-average gamer.  Personally, I think this pretty recent review does a fine job of telling it how it is, which is that ATi still makes the finest GPUs, (or, I suppose VPUs), available.  If only their Linux drivers didn't suck.  (yeah, they're not all that bad anymore, but they're still RPM and definitely not all that good.)

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