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#1 2005-04-13 19:51:29

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c++ library : TTL

So I just found one of the coolest libraries ever... TTL, or tiny template library ( )... yeah it's still alive, I emailed the guy.
It replicates alot of the really useful boost interfaces, like tuple, signal, variant, function, and also adds some new ones (named_parameter_function).

Boost has always, always, always been the biggest hassle to deal with... some screwed up build system (Boost.Jam), a million dependancies to every single header file, about 200 macros per file, and the fact that some libraries are header only, others are static only, others are dynamic only (and some are both).  Boost is a mess - try doing "pacman -S boost" and check out "ls /usr/lib | grep boost" - wtf is with that naming scheme...

Anyway, more to the point, TTL is a cleaner/faster implementation of some of the boost interfaces.... it's header-only (meaning it's a makedepend, not a depend - in PKGBUILD talk)


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