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#1 2011-05-01 16:22:39

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Wiki: i18n category naming

I notice that both English category names and localized category names are using in my language's wiki.
such as:  "Category:系统管理 (简体中文)", "Category:System administration (简体中文)". They have the same meaning but in different languages.
Such confused names made wiki mess.

According to , non-English article titles should be of the form Title in English (Language). But it doesn't mention the policy of category naming.

Should I use English category name or English localized name? Plz give me some advice.

Forgive my poor English. I am a senior student from China.


#2 2011-05-02 20:24:37

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Re: Wiki: i18n category naming

I think 'Title in English (Language)' rule should be applied to categories too.
I understand it may feel a bit clunky. If you want to contribute to the discussion or have some other questions, please ask here.


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Re: Wiki: i18n category naming

See this thread for where the previous discussion/effort trailed-off. I, too, believe that "Title in English (Language)" is the simplest (best) solution.

Before standardizing, I wanted to first clean-up and refactor the English categories (specifically, I plan to remove the distinction between categories sorted by "topic" and categories sorted by "type;" the latter is not helpful). Then, I planned to add {{i18n}} templates to the English category pages to help visualize which categories follow the English scheme and which need the most work. Unfortunately, I haven't had the free time nor will power to initiate this plan. I will do my best to tackle the issue this coming weekend.

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