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Man I was not flaming you if you care to read my post witha level head I was telling you things pretty simple. You can do whatever the heck you like. All I was saying is that you should be sure there is a place for your product be it your own arch or Archie live cd (BTW i don't care about any live cd distro as i have zero need for one. that is not meant in a negative way just telling you that I have zero need for one so I have zero opinion of them.)

Gentoo forums .... like I said I personally found them to be the most unuseful forums people when I posted there or tried to find civil discussion of the linux world. I have a really low opinion of gentoo people in general because of attitudes they had towards the rest of the linux world. While much less persvasive now it still remains.

Anyway I personally don't support making any distro easier but that is just me and by no means was I saying don't try and create whatever easy distro you like. just be sure you have a solid plan and some other people to work with or you will never get any where with it.

Finally, try and actually read people's posts and measure your responses to them. I never intended to come across as flaming you and by th way you responded to me it is clear you did not consider what I said. I am a veteran forum user (not just Arch) and know full well that all forums do have their dark element and you chose to invoke that element, not by choice but by accident. I am trying to tell you that you are wrong in thinking that all newcomers get treated bad because they certainly do not. If they did Arch would not have gotten anywhere. Like I said you accidentally stumbled into one of those dark topics and got spanked for it. Lesson learned. If you choose to push an easier Arch you probably will keep getting into these battles because the community for the most part does not want easy.

I can give you my reason I don't like easy OSes but you can probably just do a search on my username and find out exactly why yourself.

Good luck in your project (and I mean that).

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Re: CyberTron

last topic was locked for a reason.
Something like this is best server as a PM between users. There is a reason this functionality exists on the forum.

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Re: CyberTron

Maaaaan, don't lock out sarah31! Her ranting is fun because it's so hard to argue w/ her...


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