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#1 2011-05-26 12:07:42

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Some issues with /tmp

So, I thought I was being clever by booting my computer with a LiveCD and doing:

mkdir /mnt/tmp
mount /dev/VolGroup/lvoltmp /mnt/tmp
mkdir /home/tmpbackup
cp -r /tmp/* /home/tmpbackup/
umount /mnt/tmp
mkfs.reiserfs /dev/VolGroup/lvoltmp
mount /dev/VolGroup/lvoltmp /mnt/tmp
cp -r /home/tmpbackup/* /tmp

Where /dev/VolGroup/lvoltmp is my /tmp (I use LVM).

But it seems as though my permissions got messed up in the process.

So I just did chmod 1777 /tmp

Is this the proper way to give /tmp the permissions it needs?

Also, I have a bunch of cron.xxxx and several keyring-xxxxx folders in there. How much stuff can I just delete safely?


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