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#1 2005-04-29 18:42:23

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Gensplash problem (fbconsole not found)

I have recently started to play with gensplash: rebuilded my kernel, installed gensplashutils, etc. But I still can't get gensplash to work perfectly... I used google (wich found nothing), even tried to edit initscripts manualy, but that didn't work either. The problems are:

(1). When I change splash kernel option from verbose to silent, I get just black background and no pictures, jus text like it would not be any splash.:?:
(2). When I install initscripts-gensplash package I get loads of /usr/bin/fgconsole not found errors (wich I AM SURE it is there). And spalsh comes up only after some time, when init starts. Strange...

I am totally lost here (so I am posting this to newbie forum, because this can be stupid problems  smile ).
Any help on the subject would be greately appreciated.

Somehow I got silent splash to work, but I stil get those fgconsole errors.

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