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#1 2011-06-19 19:43:58

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Ugly fonts rendering with poppler-qt-lcd


These patches don't work on my system.
All fonts rendering are beautiful, but pdf documents in okular are ugly.
I have tried ubuntu cairo patches without effects on this issue.
I have tried also to change hinting parameters in fontconfig without success.

Here is screenshots.

With extra/poppler-qt :

with aur/poppler-qt-lcd :

The rendering is worst with poppler-qt-lcd !

Anybody other has this issue ?

Thank you


#2 2011-06-20 08:20:47

From: Birmingham, UK
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Re: Ugly fonts rendering with poppler-qt-lcd

I'm afraid this is a problem with the Cairo backend; the patches just create a bridge between the Qt bindings and the Cairo backend, and instruct Cairo to use subpixel rendering.  Unfortunately, it doesn't always comply.  Since Cairo 1.10 came out, more documents are affected.  You'll notice the following comment was posted on AUR around the time Cairo 1.10 came out:

Sadly, it seems an increasing number of documents are not properly subpixel-rendered in the Cairo backend, even with these patches. I'm afraid that issue is for other people with more understanding of Cairo internals to solve. (See here: ).


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