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#1 2011-07-12 20:09:56

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[SOLVEDish] Muting usb headset mic causes bizarre gui problems

Whenever I press the microphone mute button on my headset (OR move the mic to the 'up' position which auto-mutes), it works, but it also causes strange problems in any desktop environment.. often, but not always. When I do it, the gui won't let me alt+tab, click on other windows, click buttons, click a new task, exit some apps, or focus a new window. Which is not to say it's frozen -- the app I'm currently focused on generally works just fine, and there is no stuttering in audio/video currently playing. I just can't get away from or close it.

I am on xfce4, but I've had this problem on gnome2 also. I am on 64 bit arch. The headset is a logitech g930 usb. Using Pulseaudio. I don't recall ever having this problem on Windows7 or Mac OSX Snow Leopard on this machine, nor on gnome2 under Debian Squeeze.

Any ideas? I've waited for this to go away for quite a long time with updates, with no luck. Otherwise, the hardware works fine. I haven't figured out what triggers this to start happening, but it's incredibly annoying.

SOLUTION/WORKAROUND: As synthead said below, the config file did indeed fix the trouble. I've been issue free for many weeks / a couple months. Thanks SO much! .. unfortunately, it also completely disables the otherwise useful buttons on my headset sad .. but a properly functioning machine with no extra buttons is much better than one with all sorts of weird problems but functioning extra buttons nonetheless.

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Re: [SOLVEDish] Muting usb headset mic causes bizarre gui problems


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