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Xbox IR Reciever and Remote now working again with lirc!

Hi Guys, found this article (and patch) on the LIRC forum … 87507.html

I have compiled the new lirc_xbox driver (and lirc_dev) using the git source and it works a treat with XBMC. :-)

This is what I did...

1. First off, I have the arch linux lirc-utils package installed but not the arch linux lirc package.
2. enter 'git clone git://';
3. Grab the lirc_xbox patch from the article on the lirc forum.
4. copy the patch to the lirc folder created by git and run 'patch -p1 < lirc_0.9.1_lirc_xbox_driver.patch'
5. cd lirc/drivers/lirc_xbox
6. edit the lirc_xbox.c file and remove the line '#include <linux/smp_lock.h>' otherwise you will get an error when compiling if you are running the latest 2.6.39-ARCH kernel. (apparently to do with BKL being removed)
7. Now follow the instructions in the lirc forum link above './' etc etc

Note that you will need to make sure you add 'blacklist xpad' to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and then update your /etc/lirc/hardware.conf "REMOTE_MODULES=" line to read REMOTE_MODULES="lirc_xbox lirc_dev" for lircd to work. Although I guess REMOTE_MODULES="lirc_xbox" would work too.

Is there anyway we can get this new lirc_xbox driver added to the official arch linux "lirc" package?

Hope these notes help someone out as I am not the most experienced at this sort of thing, just thought I would share my findings.

Have posted these notes into the comments of bug track item "FS#21837 - [lirc] crash when xbox ir-reciever is plugged in"


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