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#1 2005-05-08 10:10:30

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Improving forum pratice!

Can we edit the terms of use agreement to include teh forum ettiqutte outlines and a short "how to post" howto

if i see one more thread called "help", "I was thinking" in any other froum than off topic I will go :evil: on the perp


#2 2005-05-08 11:32:04

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Re: Improving forum pratice!

Other forums that I frequent have a sticky in every subforum explaining what the subforum is about and how to post an opening thread (clear topic title, a bit of punctuation, ...). Maybe that'll ease your eyes. wink

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#3 2005-05-08 13:09:53

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Re: Improving forum pratice!

dibblethewrecker you are the forum adviser, your work is to guide the users. lol

FUBAR wrote:

... a sticky in every subforum explaining what the subforum is about and how to post...

This is a good idea for many but all will not bother to read when seeing huge number of existing threads. The how-to has to "pop-up" front of their face. How about making a new category at the top of Forums with a forum something like:  "IMPORTANT INFORMATION - how to post".



#4 2005-05-08 13:58:57

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Re: Improving forum pratice!

In a programming forum we became crazy of all those people not using code tags, so we added a very hard to miss request to use them, written in very big bold full caps chars in front of their nose when they post a new message. Even then people "forgot" to use them, though less frequently than usual. So just a sticky probably won't do it, though it may help somewhat. What about giving them the info when they sign up?


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