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Using KMail in Mozilla

Hi, I'm running Arch with KDE 3.4.0 using Mozilla 1.7.7 browser. I set up KMail--provided POP/SMTP connection info, set KMail as default program in KDE Control Center-->KDE Components-->Component Chooser. However, when I click on an email address in Mozilla, instead of KMail starting, I get the Mozilla Mail & Newsgroups window which tells me I have to set up a Mozilla mail account. I've looked under Edit-->Preferences-->Email & Newsgroups in Mozilla but there isn't a way to tell Mozilla to use another mail program, AFAIK.

It's not an enormous deal (I can just cut and paste email addresses into KMail) but I'd like to have KMail open automagically when I click on an address. Any suggestions?

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Re: Using KMail in Mozilla

not sure, how is relevant

GNOME, KDE (Unix/Linux):

This is not yet possible in GNOME or KDE, but work is in progress to make Mozilla for Unix compliant with the X Desktop Group Standard as it is finalized.


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