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Changing home partition,

this more of a post-install question, but I made a mistake a sizing my home partition. Now I have a working system with lots of time spend on configs. I need to delete home partition and create a new one. I made a tar of my /home and saved it onto / partition. Now I intent to use fdisk to delete the /home partition and create a new home partition, format it manually and... well I don't know what to do next. Which configs I need to tweak to register the new home partition?


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Re: Changing home partition,

Maybe you can use a liveCD to resize your partitions? Shrink one and grow /home?


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Re: Changing home partition,

If I understood well your question, you have already set-up a new partition. Just mount it by something like this:

 mount /dev/sda<partition number> /home

and copy your data there. Then edit /etc/fstab and add something like this or modify existing one pointing to your /home folder:

/dev/sda<partition number> /home ext4 defaults 0 2

How to Identifying your file system in fstab read here: … ilesystems

If you have not finished modification of your partition yet, used live cd as suggest karol.
Good and small one is this:
LiveKubuntu 11.04 have also simple GUI partition editor.

If you have not deleted your home partition yet, just backup your data and resize your partitions using liveCD. Or perhaps better liveUSB, because it will take quite a long time and I experienced with my CD sometimes reading problem and live system crash.

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