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Static when switching windows [SOLVED]

When I play music from vlc, mplayer, or mpd, and I switch (alt-tab or click) to a different window, I get some fairly loud static noise in my headset.  I use KDE4.7, phonon with vlc backend, though it happens with gstreamer also.  I use alsa and my headset/soundcard is a Razer Megalodon.  I'm not sure where to start, or even what log/config files to post.  My system is up to date (not testing), 2.6.39-ARCH.  Any ideas as to what could be happening or which direction I should look would be appreciated.  Thanks.

The problem goes away completely when KDE desktop effects are disabled.  I wanted them enabled so I started to play with the effects under the "All Effects" tab to see if a specific effect was making the problem.  After toggling a few on and off, there is no more distortion when switching windows.  There were no effects that I needed to turn on or off, but it was the toggling that fixed the problem.

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