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Developers Wanted -- Apply Within

Hello all,

First, a little history.  Up until now, the development process was fairly short and simple.  The existing developers kept a watchful eye on the community for knowledgeable, helpful and prolific users.  When the time came to grow the team, I would approach them and ask if they'd like to join the ranks of the overworked/underpaid Arch developers.  Sometimes they would accept, sometimes they'd laugh at me and say they were too smart to fall for that trick.

But the times are a changin'.  The community is larger; the developers are quite busy with development work and aren't keeping the same watchful eye on our burgeoning community.  When the call for nominations goes out, we're hard-pressed to come up with just a few.  Not because there aren't good candidates out there, but just because we don't know who they are anymore.

So this is my attempt at a more open recruitment process.  Even though there's no monetary remuneration, I'm going to treat this more or less as a real job opening.  I will post the openings available and a basic list of what you will be doing to start (I say "to start" because many of us evolve our positions and duties within the Arch team).  If you feel are you are qualified for a position and you'd like to apply, you can email me a brief informal resumé/CV and the specific job you'd like to apply for (or post it on the forum if you like).

Ideally, we are looking for relatively "permanent" members of the community who have a sustained level of contribution to Arch and the community as a whole.  This means that the lucky applicants will likely already be involved in some sort of project related to Arch.  They will have been in the community for at least a few months, and show no sign of leaving anytime soon.

It's pretty obvious criteria, but I thought I'd state it for the record anyway.  Many people email me, saying they have just started using Arch and would love to help out on the dev team.  To these people, I say Great!  Please continue using it and helping others to use it; innovate on it; extend it; document it; do something on your own initiative to show us that you can hack it on the development team.

That's it.  Thanks for reading, everyone, and please leave comments and suggestions below.  We are growing, and some of our policies and processes need to grow as well.

I will post a few job openings soon.  Stay tuned.


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