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Archlinux network performance experience

I copy (ftp) 700 MB file from my XP notebook and I am not dissapointed with Arch. It is on par with FreeBSD in terms of network utilization. It uses ~90% of my 100BaseT LAN. And it is steady state, i.e. no dropping to 60%, 50%, etc. And the nice thing, CPU utilization is less than 10%. I don't see any lag in my desktop. It's like the file transfer is not there. FreeBSD also shows this kind of performance.

I just don't understand why Suse 9.3 has very erractic network utilization, 50%, 40%, 10%, 40%, ......And never reach 60%.

I suspect some service interferes with the file transfer in Suse.

One of them is FAM since the common denominator of Arch and FreeBSD that I used is that both don't use FAM. I have not enabled FAM in Arch.

Other than that it may just be phenomenon of bloated distro of Suse. But last time I check there were not many services running (I don't run webserver, but samba server yes).


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Re: Archlinux network performance experience

not sure what your asking re: Arch but, if your happy with file transfer, dont mess with anything to see if you can make it behave like Suse: if it works, dont fix it smile … /1432.html

> > What is FAM?
> File Alteration Monitor - it checks the contents of directories
> periodically. It's supposed to make file access faster, but can screw with
> some things like nfs (time for checks can be greater than time between
> checks,) and batch operations (lots of file alterations between/during
> checks, etc.


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