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#1 2011-08-25 13:01:10

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keycode patch doesn't effect keycodes anymore

Up until recently, I used to get the zoom slider on my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 working by following the instructions in this Gentoo Wiki page. In short, by applying this patch to my custom compiled (ZEN-)kernel the keycodes of the slider are changed to values below 255, so the X server can process those keycodes.

Unfortunately, after a recent kernel update I get different keycodes as if the patch isn't applied, although I can confirm that include/linux/input.h is still changed. My keycodes now read:

$ showkey
keycode 418 press
keycode 418 release
keycode 419 press
keycode 419 release

I flipped through latest kernel changes of and (that I currently use) but was not able to find a change that might have influenced the (translation of these) keycodes.


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