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#1 2005-05-26 20:15:32

From: Gotland ,Sweden
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looking for something like freevo


I am looking for something that can categorize/contain a movie it using a frontend to mplayer (like freevo)

I have looked at freevo, since it seems to do what I want and more...but it is a dependancy hell !!!

I have looked at mythtv, but that project seems to be pointed towards using a pvr-card to watch tv...(or record)...not what I am looking for..and it doesn't seem to work in my computer

I need the "player" to be based on mplayer since I would like to use my iso/img files...

the ewhole point is to watch movies on the tv using a movie database and get rid of my "real" dvds since my kid is soon big enough to crawl ...

any ideas?  -> Linux Help portal for Linux and ArchLinux (in swedish)

Dell Inspiron 8500
Kernel 2.6.14-archck1  (selfcompiled)
Enlightenment 17


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