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Dual boot XP NTLDR missing [solved]

I had a perfectly good Arch installation but decided I wanted to dual boot XP to play a few games.  I did a full restore of my HD back to factory condition and changed a file to prevent the file system from being converted to NTFS from FAT32.

I tried using QTparted on a mepis cd and also doing a suse install, but regardless of the method I get an error saying NTLDR is missing when I try to use my windows partition. 

1. anyone know a way out of this?
2. would buying partition magic 8 and resizing within windows be a better solution?

I'm on my 5th restore right now..  yeesh

[update] Ok, I plonked down the cash for partition magic and it worked as advertised. I was able to resize the ntfs partition, delete the ibm restore partition, convert over to fat32, and get Arch/XP installed at the same time.  Woohoo!


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