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#1 2005-05-28 21:15:24

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Podcasts and podcasting..

What are everyones feelings about podcasting?  I just recently starting get into em..started by downloading an mp3 from a website, but now I'm using a podcatching client and subscribe to a few.  I spend a lot of time just sitting at work programming and it really helps me to stay conscious  tongue  Listening to the music seems to get old pretty quick and podcasts are a little less formal but more entertaining.  I've just started browsing around for some interesting tech podcasts..just dealing with linux and open source stuff, but haven't found anything all that interesting.  Does anyone else listening to any podcasts and know of any decent casts? 

Another interesting idea.  Nearly all linux distributions do some sort of newsletter..I was just thinking about how it might be interesting to do some sort of distro-based podcast.  Maybe a weekly or bi-weekly thing..or whenever a new newsletter comes out.  I just think its an interesting concept..maybe something more personal than an email.  With skype, it'd even be easy to have an arch conversation time incorporated into the podcast.  Maybe several developers could get together and talk about the current happenings of archlinux or what not.  Whats anyone else think?  Maybe its just a lame odea..but I figured I'd throw it out there just for conversation.


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Re: Podcasts and podcasting..


maybe you'll find lugradio interesting if you didn't know it yet. The also call developpers of opensource software and have a conversation with them. However, I have the impression they aren't using voip for that, but I'm not sure.




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Re: Podcasts and podcasting..

i don't think a newsletter could fill even a 30 minutes radio show. usually there have been updates and all, sometimes a new user-contribution like AUR was but hey... people try it out rather than having them told what it is, right? about having people discuss things with the moderators, i dun believe many interesting calls will come in, people ranting about their problems are more likely to spam the show. lol

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#4 2005-07-11 04:05:19

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Re: Podcasts and podcasting..  is also a linux-based podcast.

Is there any linux software out there that tracks and organizes podcasts?  Or does one just bookmark and download manually?


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Re: Podcasts and podcasting..

kth5: doesnt have to be 30 minutes, a podcast could be 15, or 1 minutes if you wanted. 4 hours if you so much desired.

I like the idea of an arch podcast, we'd also be the first distro to have our own. that'd be cool. I'd contribute.

Ive been listening to podcasts since mid december last year, and Ive got bashpodder running in cron on my server every night picking up my favourites.

viniosity: i use the my own modification bashpodder script, which you can get here:
and my modification here: … es_rayner/

if you're looking for podcasts, take a looksee at



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