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#1 2005-05-30 13:46:51

From: the Netherlands
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The new alsa (1.0.9) is cool! standard dmix


The alsa developpers have released a new stable version. I heard that they have improved dmix and added it as default. This means that software mixing is hopefully going to be easyer and better!

It isn't yet in current or extra but does anyone already got it running and do you know if it's correct that dmix is on by default?



#2 2005-05-30 21:27:16

From: Poland
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Re: The new alsa (1.0.9) is cool! standard dmix

Well, I'm running 1.0.9. I've just moved my asound.conf with dmix configuration away from /etc and reloaded snd modules to check whether dmix actually works - and it does play few sounds simultaneously. It could be DXS though, as it plays 4 simultaneous streams at maximum.


Just checked. It plays more than 4 streams with dmix enabled in asound.conf. On the other hand, I've heard something about default dmix as well.


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