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im missing /boot/kernel26

i installed Arch 05/10 from usb cd rom onto netbook Acer Aspire One. i used source from net. After i was said the instalation had been succesfull i rebooted and it couldn't find kernel so i was stuck at grub boot loader (neither arch nor fallback was working)

so i deleted everything and do the installation again:) now the installation was succesful, and im in terminal, there was no vmlinuz26 link in / . so i created it, its not problem when the /boot/vmlinuz26 exists.

But in /boot/grub/menu.lst I see

initrd /kernel26.img

there is no kernel26.img in / ... what can i do with this please? how do i create it? i rebooted and grub wont boot grub error 22 or something... sad


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Re: im missing /boot/kernel26

If it says

initrd /kernel26.img

it means you have a separate /boot partition and you should look there, not in the /.

Have you tried the new installation image with the linux 3 kernel?

"grub error 22" means you've messed something up with the partitions, in other way, grub looks in the wrong place

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Re: im missing /boot/kernel26

The 2010.05 .iso contains an obsolete kernel26.33 version.

To best install ArchLinux today use the latest .iso which installs Linux-3.0.

Much ado is necessary when using the older .iso whether cd or otherwise.

The latest is 2011.08 and come in torrent or FTP/http from many mirrors.

You may also use FTP install if that option is included in the new .iso's.

All future kernel upgrades will be Linux kernels.

Good luck.........

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