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#1 2003-09-16 06:43:39


Sawfish? Enlightenment? metacity? and Gnome!

I want to change my window manager to sawfish from metacity as it is in the updated version of Nova. I'm not sure how to go about doing this. I found a little clue in the GConf editor but there are no defaults for sawfish that I can really run with. There isn't a graphical way to do this. And i'm lost in documentation from Gnome and Sawfish's websites. Please help.

#2 2003-09-17 04:59:45

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Re: Sawfish? Enlightenment? metacity? and Gnome!

If you have sawfish installed and you're in Gnome, open a terminal and type this:

killall metacity && exec sawfish &

That should do the trick.


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