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#1 2005-06-05 21:08:09

Jedi Stannis
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Strange Gnome Error

Recently reinstalled and everythings working great except a strange error that forces me to reboot my system.

I use gnome and notice every once in a while that the system monitor applet rports 100% cpu usage.  doing a ps aux i see no processes that are using all this cpu.  as there are no processes to kill i dont know what to do.

when this happens nautilus will refuse to open new windows.  ones that are already open will function, but if u close them all no new ones will open.  Nothing is reported from the command line (it just hangs).  killall nautlius does nothing.

gnome will refuse to logout.  kill the x server (ctrl+alt+backspace) and restarting causes gnome to hang on startup at the splash screen.  a reboot puts everything back in order.

Im not sure what triggers this but dont know where to look.  any ideas??



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