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Wrong keyboard settings at login prompt

So I have a German (qwertz) keyboard and both the tty and KDE know that. Only the graphical login prompt thinks I have a US (qwerty) keyboard: To log in, I have to enter my username and password the way I would enter it into a US keyboard.

The wiki tells me KDM is responsible for the login prompt and the X server is responsible for KDM's keyboard settings. This would explain why it works in the terminal (which is independent of X) and in KDE (which presumably overrides X settings), right? But how do I change the keyboard layout that X thinks I have without changing xorg.conf, which is auto-generated by Catalyst? Or do I need to change something else for the login prompt to get the correct keymap?

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Re: Wrong keyboard settings at login prompt … t-Plugging
Instead of changing the xorg.conf file, you can create a /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/30-keyboard.conf to change the keyboard layout.
Mine for the french azerty layout is like that:

Section "InputClass"
    Identifier             "Keyboard Defaults"
    MatchIsKeyboard        "yes"
    Option                 "XkbLayout" "fr"


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Re: Wrong keyboard settings at login prompt

You can also set it using setxkbmap with the -layout option.


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