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schroot -p -- makepkg -s does not use distcc

I don't know if this is an issue with pacman/makepkg or with schroot so I posted here.

I setup an arch32 chroot per the wiki instructions so I can build i686 packages on my native x86_64 box.  The problem is that I can't get makepkg to use distcc when invoked via an schroot command to build i686 packages.  The package will build, but on the local CPU only; it doesn't get distributed.

$ schroot -p -- makepkg -s

I have /opt/arch32/etc/makepkg.conf setup properly to use distcc just as I did for my native x86_64 (/etc/makepkg.conf).

Ideas as to what is preventing the compilation from getting distributed to the cluster?

Relevant sections of /etc/makepkg.conf and of /opt/arch32/etc/makepkg.conf:

BUILDENV=(fakeroot distcc color !ccache check)

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