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#1 2005-06-13 00:00:33

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As promised..

.. I plan to read this forum about once a day or maybe once every two days. So if you need the attention of the AUR devs, this is one good way to get it.

I impart the following sentiment: if you want to discuss problems you're having or things you like or dislike in general, this is a great place to do it. If you want to remind me to fix something, I almost definitely *will* forget it unless you open a bug in Flyspray. When release time comes around, that's where we go to find the list of things to do.

I think both this forum and Flyspray are useful for their own things, so be sure to use both to their best advantages.

I hope you're all enjoying the AUR!

- P


#2 2005-06-13 14:57:02

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Re: As promised..

The same goes for me. I hope you guys make good use of this. I too am an AUR codemonkey...err..developer. I pretty much echo Paul's post, and request that you keep things where they belong. Dibble's sticky post in this section is a fairly good guide.

AS WELL: I am giving you the location of the AUR sourcecode. We are busy people and we get a warm fuzzy feeling when people send us patches along with bug reports or feature req's. (hint, hint) -web viewer -the latest and greatest development code.


The suggestion box only accepts patches.


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