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#1 2011-11-13 14:04:32

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[signoff page] can i vote?

probably not.

but i will lay my remarks;

before the signoff page, all signoff messages were mailed to the arch-dev-public mailing list which would accomodate in threads which i could follow and see what changes were likely to break my system.

now there is this sign off page, which noone has access to (not even readonly). i dont know what is about to be updated and if its likely to break my system anymore. with the initial signoff thread, there always were small remarks on what was new. this was useful and lost too.

i can see the rationale in the page. where no package goes unnoticed, but for the testing users in the community, this proves a bit cumbersome.

maybe there should be a signoff ml where one mail per singoff package addition is sent. so that it can mimmick the old functionality too.

just my 2c.

EDIT: edited a mistake in my post. its not the forums, the ML i meant

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#2 2011-11-13 14:12:21

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Re: [signoff page] can i vote?

I think the e-mails should still be sent to the ML if there's more to it than 'Signoff please - Signed off both."

You can see which packages go into testing or non-testing repos with a short script but you need to visit the git for the changelogs.


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