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README: Forum Rules

These boards are for the support of Arch Linux, and Arch ONLY

If you have installed Archbang, Artix, Chakra, EndeavourOS, Evo/Lution, Manjaro, Whatever, you are NOT running Arch Linux. Similarly, if you followed some random video on YouTube or used an automated script you found on a blog, you are NOT running Arch Linux, so do not expect any support, sympathy or anything but your thread being closed and told to move along.

Arch is a DIY distro: if someone else has done it for you, then showing up here asking to have your hand held for more help is just help vampirism and is not welcome.


(Note that this only updates packages in repositories. You should also ensure foreign packages from the AUR and other locations are also updated. Similarly, if you have replaced an official package with an unsupported variant, try to reproduce the problem with the official package before creating a topic.)

Hello and welcome! smile The Arch Linux forums are provided by volunteer effort. The community's expectations are documented below. Everyone is required to be familiar with them.

If nothing else, use logic, common sense and read, read, read.

Arch Linux Code of Conduct
The general set of rules. All users of the forum must read and follow these.

Arch Linux
The philosophy and history of Arch Linux.

Installation Guide
The guide to Arch Linux installation and setup. Support requires you followed this to get Arch Linux on your system.

All of the above and more!

Please mark solved threads as [SOLVED]
Marking threads as [SOLVED], after a solution has been found will help others to find an expedient solution for their own issues. Please be considerate and mark those threads when an answer is found.
Simply edit the original post by clicking on the 'edit' button at the lower right corner of it and prepend [SOLVED] to the title.

Please use appropriate post titles
Choosing an accurate, descriptive and appropriate post title will attract solutions effectively and help other users, when utilizing the forum search feature, to find a solution.
Good post titles: "recent problems with ata1 - exception Emask 0x10", "/dev/snd/* permissions problem"
Bad post titles: "Help!!!", "Noob question!", "Almost there"

Avoid Bikeshed Topics
Bikeshed topics are those that only solicit opinion; an opinion that has likely been canvassed many times before over the years. These threads will either be moved to Topics Going Nowhere, or more probably, closed and marked for deletion. Some examples include:

  • What Language Should I Learn?

  • What Desktop Environment or Window Manager Should I Use?

  • Vim or Emacs?

  • What Laptop Should I Buy?

  • Tell me how to partition my drive

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aur S & M :: forum rules :: Community Ethos
Resources for Women, POC, LGBT*, and allies


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Re: README: Forum Rules

Acknowledgments go to Misfit138, forum staff past and present, and several other members of the community.

aur S & M :: forum rules :: Community Ethos
Resources for Women, POC, LGBT*, and allies


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