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#1 2005-06-16 19:20:48

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Tweaking ATI driver?

I have just finished reinstalling Arch and succesfully installed the latest ATI drivers (thanks qwerty  wink ). The first time around i had this problem in blender3D where, when i render stuff and move the rendered image, it causes the background window ( ie the 3D view window) to go all grayuntil i close the rendered image window then is comes back.

I found a website where the author showed some settings you can have in your xorg.file to futher improve the ATI experience. One of those solves my problem. Trouble is i didn't bookmark it and now i cannot find it.

Does anyone know any site that shows how to tweak the ATI drivers?

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Re: Tweaking ATI driver?

don't know, could this be it?



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