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#1 2011-11-27 08:03:18

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LXDE: lxterminal ? instead of éáűúóüőö characters

I switched from KDE to LXDE, from KDM to LXDM, etc., and in lxterminal I cannot write a single accented character (like á or é in Hungarian), all is see is a "?" instead. I also have a problem, that pcmanfm can't see some files in my ext4 filesystems with accented characters which wasn't a problem for dolphin. I couldn't find a solution on Google, could someone help?

Even on xterm I have only éáöúóü characters, not ő and ű, but it is set UTF-8, and that should be OK. But the lxterminal is a bigger problem

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Re: LXDE: lxterminal ? instead of éáűúóüőö characters

Have you found a solution for that? I am hit by this as well...

EDIT: okay. For me the troubles were with locale environment. See here for more: … nal-2.html

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