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How the make livecd from existing system


I want to make Archlinux live cd. I know there are some applications make live cd (larch, archiso) but these applications using packages that install from mirror. Is there any application or method make Arch livecd from installed systems.

Thanks ...


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Re: How the make livecd from existing system

I wouild like to know this too.

Anyone can point us in the right direction?


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Re: How the make livecd from existing system

I'm confused at the question, you want to make an ISO but don't want to download anything? Do a pacman -Syu, follow the archiso instructions but don't chroot into it when they tell you. Then just copy over everything from /var/cache/pacman/pkg to your livecd's chroot. Though you will probably end up having to download stuff anyway hmm


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Re: How the make livecd from existing system

Yes this can be done with archiso in a "non-traditional" workflow. It not a "newbie" method, just you need to know how archiso works. Basically you build "the medium" manually, but get features from runtime parts (archiso* hooks).

In words (you need at least triple free space than your existing space usage):
1) Install archiso
2) Make an initramfs "archiso.img" from your current install.
3) Make a root-image.fs.sfs from your existing system:
3.a) create an sparse file "root-image.fs" with sufficient space to keep all your existing system (use dd) plus some free space.
3.b) format it with ext2/3/4
3.c) mount it
3.d) rsync all your system except some uneeded files to it, logs, /boot, root-image.fs if is on the same fs, etc etc...) where root-image is mounted
3.e) unmount it
3.f) compress it with squashfs name it as "root-image.fs.sfs"
3.g) place in %TARGET%/arch/%ARCH%/root-image.fs.sfs
4) make an aitab for root-image.fs.sfs
5) Install bootloader to %TARGET%/arch/boot/syslinux/
6) copy your kernel and archiso.img (from point 2) to %TARGET%/arch/boot/%ARCH%
7) make a proper %TARGET%/arch/boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg with archisolabel=%FSLABEL_OF_TARGET%
8) Optional make an ISO from %TARGET%


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