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#1 2005-06-20 17:50:13

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lost all sound, root and users [SOLVED]

arghh! i'm so dumb. sad in my haste after installing the new hd, i plugged the sound in to the motherboard sound module instead of the soundcard. lol when i heard it connect i didn't think twice about it being wrong and thought it must be a software issue.  moral of the story: pay attention, double check, or don't be an idiot? tongue


#2 2005-06-20 20:50:31

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Re: lost all sound, root and users [SOLVED]


You don't have to edit your first post after you've solved it yourself...Nobody is going to bite your head off for answering your own question  wink


#3 2005-06-20 21:13:35

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Re: lost all sound, root and users [SOLVED]

Don't be an idiot is a good moral... reminds me of the time I spent a month debugging my modem software only to find I was dialing the wrong number...

And to make you feel better, when I got my new comp, the speakers wouldn't work for the first day or so until I moved them from line-in to line-out. :-)



#4 2005-06-20 22:41:10

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Re: lost all sound, root and users [SOLVED]

having bought a spanking new SB i too then plugged the headphones into the onboard (mobo) sound sockets.
took me ages before i had the "slaps own forehead moment" Duuuuh!   :oops:


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