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#1 2005-06-20 19:20:20

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Linux on MIPS

I have an old SGI Indy:

CPU : R4000PC (100 MHz)
RAM : 16 MB (not sure)
HD : 500 MB
SCSI CD-drive (don't know if it work)

and I would like to install Linux on it.  Does anyone know a good Linux distro for the MIPS?  I really don't care if  it's rpm-based, minimal distro or else  as long I can get a base install and ssh from another machine.  Google only returns me Debian and Gentoo.  If they're the only ones available, I would go with Debian because of the binary packages.  Does anyone has experience with Linux/MIPS? Any suggestions, comments?


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Re: Linux on MIPS


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