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#1 2011-12-13 23:13:35

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Made new installation media for ArchPPC


we're busy these day, and we haven't much time to search and fix bugs on our installer.
A lot of things are changed from our lastest full-working media (PATA, ide renaming, kernel..) and we ask if someone want to try to make a liveCD of ArchLinuxPPC, with the installer ported and modified from existing project ArchBoot (or similar).

Anyway, I want to remember that we have a specific mailing list (more under our eyes than this forum) located at [1].

Have a nice day

[1] … l=it&pli=1


#2 2012-04-05 17:55:56

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Re: Made new installation media for ArchPPC

I have attempted to burn the live CD and boot it on my G4 quicksilver and the CD will not boot at all.  I have burned it from Linux, Mac OS Lion, and it still fails to boot.  I have also tried the official Arch PPC file and have the same issue.  Is there something special I have to do to get Arch CDs to boot on a PPC system?


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Re: Made new installation media for ArchPPC

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Re: Made new installation media for ArchPPC

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