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Gnome cursor not changing

I'm using Gnome 3 on a fairly new install. I have many of the xcursor packages installed, including xcursor-vanilla-dmz-aa which I'm trying to use. But when I select the cursor theme in gnome-tweak-tool nothing happens, the default cursor stays put. I've restarted the whole computer and confirmed that the changes persist in gnome-tweak-tool, but my cursor never changes. I've tried out other cursor packages and none of them work either.

I'm not sure where to go from here, the wiki's all suggest that this should work (although I may be misunderstanding them), and there's no errors in any logs (that I can find anyway). halp?


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Re: Gnome cursor not changing

Your cursor-theme will be in:


Follow these instructions as root or preface each command with sudo (the default folder doesn't exist in a standard GNOME 3 install so you'll be creating it):

mkdir /usr/share/icons/default
cd /usr/share/icons/default
echo "[Icon Theme]" >> index.theme
echo "Inherits=YOUR_CURSOR_THEME" >> index.theme

Replace "YOUR_CURSOR_THEME" with the name of the cursor theme you'd like to use.  Restart X.  Edit "index.theme" changing the name of the theme if you'd like to use a different one.  You also need to select the same theme in GNOME Tweak Tool as the one you put in this text file.

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Re: Gnome cursor not changing

thank you. i 've been searching this for a long time.


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