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#1 2005-06-24 19:00:11

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alsa , via82xx and IEC958 Capture Monitor problem

first of all hello all as this is my first post on this great archlinux community and im here to stay i hope big_smile , well my first comment is to all the people needing help on installing the alsa and using the via82xx module , well it tooked me like 2 hours to find out why i was not beeing able to hear the music even when xmms was playing it and finally find out (on the mepislovers forum) a problem when u install the alsa by default it puts on the iec958 capture monitor and u need to put it off so your sound starts working , i was just about to give up on installing the sound as i did step by step configuration on the wiki and on the alsa guide without getting it to work , finally dont know how i ended up in the mepis forum and looked all the people that with just turning off the capture monitor were able to get the sound working.

well thats all and see u all around  big_smile


#2 2006-03-08 20:30:30

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Re: alsa , via82xx and IEC958 Capture Monitor problem

I have the same problem!!

The IEC958 monitor always ON and I can hear anything.... I put it off through alsamixer and quit, execute alsamixer again and IEC958 is turned on again....

But somethimes when I raise the master volume on 100% the sound comes back...

I hope that other friends can help us....


#3 2006-03-09 02:47:02

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Re: alsa , via82xx and IEC958 Capture Monitor problem


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