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#1 2012-01-07 13:40:40

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Libreoffice resize window issue

I seem to have a issue when resizing libreoffice but only when resizing from the top of the window (left right or center).  It resizes normally from the bottom (left right or center).

When resizing from the top, it just start cutting off the application.

I am experiencing this on three machines, I think the only things common is xfce and of course libreoffice.  The three machines are arch (32bit) on intel graphics, arch (64bit) on ati and archi 64bit on nvidia.  So I dont think it is a x graphics driver issue, but could be i suppose.  I dont know when this started as I just found this the other day.

I have tried various window manager setting changes, like turning the compositor on and off, changing styles, showing contents when resizing etc.

There is a bug report 37287 on libreoffice that looks like it: … i?id=37287

I put ubuntu 11.10 fully updated in a virtualmachine (virtualbox) it is 3.4.4 but it does not experience the same issue.

Does anyone else have this issue and how did you fix if you did?


Update -- Using ctrl-shift-j in at least writer forces full screen mode, doing it twice puts it back but this are normal after being resized... wierd.  Also, I installed xubuntu 11.10 fully updated in a VM, and it experiences the same issue.  perhaps it is a problem with xfce and libreoffice???  Anyone...

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Re: Libreoffice resize window issue

I have the same problem. Running xfce and libreoffice. Very annoying. I am running xfwm-tiling from aur not xfwm4 (if that matters)

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Re: Libreoffice resize window issue

I am also seeing this problem when running XFCE.  When I run LXDE/openbox on the same system LibreOffice works fine.


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Re: Libreoffice resize window issue


I experienced exactly the same. Thanks to a comment to this video :, I installed the libreoffice-gnome pacakge … ice-gnome/ and the weird issue disappeared.


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Re: Libreoffice resize window issue

Thank you for this contribution, guy. But as this is a rather old thread and libreoffice has evolved since then, let's keep it read only now.

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