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#1 2005-07-04 09:27:22

From: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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problem with ALSA + ESS1869F on ISA

I have a "strange" problem, trying to run an ISA sound card ESS1869F on my ancient pc..
First of all, I was unable to load the module (es18xx), every time I tryed there was an error "..No such device".. I decidet to reset my BIOS to the defaults, because i thought it was a problem of the interrupts. (alsaconf said that the IRQ for the card must be 5-th). I disabled my built-in sound card from the BIOS (I don't use it because it has one of the channels broken).
After that the module succeeded to load, but when I try to run alsamixer, none of the controls there seem to respond. Everything is on maximum (PCM, Master ...) but I can not move them. It shows that the Master is muted, but when I try to unmute it nothing hapens.
When i try to play somethig with mpg123 foo.mp3 there is an error "alsa write error. Input/output error"
I wonder if the problem is in the IRQs, or somewhere else..
Thank you



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