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#1 2012-02-05 19:07:24

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AweMenuGen - Awesome Menu Generator

Hi. I created a project called awemenugen. A project exists in AUR. It's purpose is to create an application menu for awesome desktop environment. Basicaly, a program checks for all installed applications, categorizes them in categories and generates a lua script containing menu structure.

After installing, run 'awemenugen'. A script will be generated in .config/awesome/applicationsmenu.lua (or if this folder does not exist, in your home folder).

Next edit your rc.lua script (menu-generated script and rc.lua script must be in same folder) and add


at the beginning of rc.lua script. Also, edit the section where menu is defined. For example, mine looks like:

mymainmenu ={items = {{"accessories", applicationsmenu.applicationsmenu(), beautiful.awesome_icon},
                                  { "open terminal",  terminal                                },
                                  { "restart",        awesome.restart                         },
                                  { "quit",           awesome.quit                            }

The essential part is

{"accessories", applicationsmenu.applicationsmenu(), beautiful.awesome_icon}

where generated menu is included. I didn't know how to make an announcement of newly created project, so in this way I inform of it's existence.



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Re: AweMenuGen - Awesome Menu Generator

Thank you.  But this is probably in the wrong sub-forum
Moving to Community Contributions

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Re: AweMenuGen - Awesome Menu Generator


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Re: AweMenuGen - Awesome Menu Generator

lunamystry wrote:

Me too, it even auto-generates. Any comments comparing your project with this?

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Re: AweMenuGen - Awesome Menu Generator

I tried awesome-desktop. Much better stuff! I'm using it from now on. Didn't know it existed. It works similarly as my project, but also includes icons, which makes it a lot nicer, plus it auto-generates main menu on awesome restart, while my app requires executing 'awemenugen' line. smile

Maybe you'd like to check lxmed. It exists in AUR. It's a (not perfect) Java Swing application I made for organizing main menu in LXDE environment, but it can also be applied to any other, such as awesome


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