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#1 2005-07-07 19:13:35

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Can no longer do FTP install successfully

I needed three more arch boxen, so I fired up my usual 0.7-base CD and installed arch from FTP.

While doing the FTP install, the arch setup program couldn't find chroot, and I couldn't boot after I finished the install. It gave me an initial console couldn't be found error, even though I set myself up for udev. After I manually made /dev/null (which ended up being nonwritable) and /dev/console, I booted with a bunch of "respawn too fast" errors on /dev/c[1-7].

All of this smelled really bad.

So instead, I did a base install off the CD with old packages. All went well. After that booted successfully, I updated using pacman -Syu, updated lilo.conf for udev, ran lilo, and rebooted. Everything worked fine.

For some reason, it seems impossible to install from the 0.7-base CD using current packages. My final product shouldn't have been any different with the two methods, but it seems that using new packages straight out the chute doesn't work.

Any thoughts on this? Any word on a new install ISO?

*NOTE* I usually do FTP install...


#2 2005-07-07 20:52:54

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Re: Can no longer do FTP install successfully

For ftp-install, don't add devfs=nomount in menu.lst. After rebooting, add it in menu.lst, then issue the following command:

Good luck.


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