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Question Regarding Edits To Wiki System

As I have been using some of the wiki pages for various configuration tasks, I have noticed that some information may be inaccurate or incomplete.

Am I at liberty to change things that I view as erroneous or is there some avenue that needs to be taken to go about getting these things changed?

Thanks in advance...




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Re: Question Regarding Edits To Wiki System

You are welcome to change things if you are sure you are right.

If you are in doubt, or if the change is a significant one, you might want to leave a note on the discussion page seeking the input of others.

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Re: Question Regarding Edits To Wiki System

Yes, you can just edit the wiki (you need to register an account first, because the wiki is separate from the forums), but please don't forget to add a summary (with some links if possible) to your edits so we know why you made the edits e.g. the info was outdated etc.
If you're unsure about a particular issue, you can open a discussion on the article in question's talk page.

Please read the editing rules first.


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Re: Question Regarding Edits To Wiki System

Another option, if you feel confident that you're writing something substantial and factual, is to first of all just go ahead and make the change, and then post here and ask for feedback:
How did you improve the wiki today?

This will help in several ways:

  • You don't need to wait for others' opinions before contributing.

  • You advertise to the general Arch community that the wiki has been improved in some way.

  • You are more likely to attract commentators who will give feedback.

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Re: Question Regarding Edits To Wiki System

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