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#1 2003-09-29 04:49:46

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Important Incoming Note

In order to keep incoming "clean" please be sure that when you submit a package that you follow the "contributing packages" post. namely you create a directory with the name of the package you are contributing then place the filelist, PKGBUILD, and finished package inside this directory. then bzip or gzip it into a tarball. Be sure that you DO NOT name it in a standard arch package format (ie <pkgname>-<pkgversion>-<release>.pkg.tar.gz) as i will now remove ALL contributions with a .pkg.tar.gz suffix without notifying the contributor.

if you know that you contributed only a package and not anything else please read the contributing packages thread again to know what we package maintainers require from our users and resubmit your contributions. (I removed ALL .pkg.tar.gz tonight.)

also please do not upload any other file types without notifying, by email, one of the developers. I noticed a few portugese html documents that are in there that i do not mind being there but please notify our documentation developers as soon as possible so that i can remove the files. more often than not i consider all none tarballed packages to be warez and i will remove it.

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#2 2004-05-02 17:47:56

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Re: Important Incoming Note

Do you mind PKGBUILD.pkgname here if only the PKGBUILD is required?

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#3 2004-05-02 22:41:20

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Re: Important Incoming Note

I'm afraid sarah is no longer an arch developer. This is a pretty old message.

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#4 2004-05-02 22:44:27

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Re: Important Incoming Note

Stick with the existing format as described in the official docs.  If/when we make changes to the package submittal process, there will be a new set of guidelines documented.

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